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What are the benefits of automation?

01. Automation: Making work easier and more precise

When everything in your company relies on manual actions, errors can occur, affecting the quality of customer service and even leading to loss. Automation comes to the rescue! By eliminating the repetitive tasks, your company can serve more customers with much-improved attention.

What does this mean? Well, your customers can receive quick information about their orders, learn about purchases, warranties, inventories, and availability. Imagine your employees freeing up time to focus on serving customers in a more specialized and effective manner!

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02. Automation: Making Customer Experience Incredibly Easy!

Would you like to amaze your customers with exceptional service? Here's the key: automation!

Imagine providing them with tools to get what they need effortlessly. Automation makes managing interactions with your customers a walk in the park. From automatic responses to scheduled follow-ups, self-service apps and portals, to online purchases and payments. Everything designed to deliver consistent and timely attention!

03 Automation: Your Ally for Brilliant Decision-Making

Imagine this: your processes are as precise as a Swiss watch, thanks to automation. Everything is in order, and information flows like magic!

With this magical order, you can know in detail the real status of every corner of your company. The result? Making incredible decisions! The information you gather isn't just data; it's your treasure map to enhance and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way!

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What are the challenges for companies when automating?

Abundant or Limited Options - One Hammer for Everything

Imagine being in a tool store, and the salesperson insists that you only need one hammer to fix everything, from a faucet to a car.

That's how some providers offer their solutions. At times, sellers propose solutions that don't truly align with your specific needs. On the other hand, they might provide tools so generic that you end up dealing with more complications than they solve. At Innovare, we understand that every business is unique, and we help you find precise solutions and providers that fit your actual needs.

No more one-size-fits-all hammers!

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Trapped by the Vendor

Some providers act like predators: once you're in their game, it's hard to get out.

They sell you solutions that require enormous efforts to feed them with data and use them. Even if you find a better option later on, breaking free can become a costly and complicated task.

At Innovare, we believe in the freedom of choice. We show you the advantages and benefits of various system options and alert you when a provider tries to corner you. We offer flexible, accessible solutions with full control. Your company deserves to be free and make decisions without restrictions!

Disconnected or Redundant Systems

Can you imagine putting together a puzzle with pieces that don't fit? Some providers offer good solutions but force you to fit pieces from the outside, juggling with spreadsheets and manual tasks, as they can't support you with integration

At Innovare, we understand that cohesion is crucial. We offer support in making integrations, eliminating the need for manual or redundant systems to simplify your operational puzzle. One piece to fit it all, without the stress of missing pieces!

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How Innovare Makes Technology Work for You?  

Personalized Support: Your Journey to Automation with Innovare

Our guidance in automation follows a clear and valuable process:

1. Efficient Discovery:

We identify automation opportunities that minimize efforts and resources, offering immediate and valuable results for your business.

2. Expert Search and Negotiation:

We search, find, and negotiate with key software solutions and providers, ensuring that you get the best options tailored to your needs. 

3. Comprehensive Advice and Planning:

We advise and guide you on the path to system implementation. We create a clear plan that outlines the steps to follow. Additionally, we provide personalized technical and business recommendations for each type of licensing or system. 

Schedule Your Initial Meeting
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We help you integrate systems

At Innovare, we make it easy for your systems to work together harmoniously.

With our service, we assist you in integrating all your tools and platforms to function as a well-coordinated team.

We simplify system integration so you can focus on growing your business without complications.

We build strategic systems

At Innovare, we create custom-made systems when they are truly needed and deemed the best option.  

This could involve self-service portals, mobile applications, and customized tools that enhance the experience for both our clients' teams and customers.  

We ensure to build strategic solutions that add significant value for everyone.  

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